'What lies between the arts is theatre.' - Michael Fried

Helen Morse Palmer is a free-lance artist specialising in Live Art. Her work takes an exploratory approach to the theatricality of daily life, in particular the rituals we perform, both consciously and unconsciously, the 'costumes' we wear and the 'lines' we find ourselves delivering.

Using humour and participation, Helen examines the way that life is visually codified, and questions the motives and politics behind the systems we accept and adhere to. She appropriates and displaces established signifiers as a means of exposing our reflex readings and reactions.

The form of Helen's work is metamorphic, ranging from living life with the face of a clown to producing giant, set-like installations. She devises and performs with the acclaimed experimental performance company Station House Opera, and is an associate member of the Live Art Garden Initiative. She has collaborated with fellow artist John Deller to form the artist's group Lookoutpost and is currently working with artist Sally R Child to explore the concept of tea trolley dancing.

Since 2008 Helen has worked as a participatory artist for Epping Forest District Council. She holds a first class honours degree in Fine Art from Reading University, and an MA in Fine Art from Central St Martins.

Tear Catchers. Live Art/Sculpture. 2009.